View from atop Grays Peak. 14,270'

View from atop Grays Peak. 14,270′

From backpacking up 14ers to downhill mountain biking in the Rockies I love being outdoors. I am a nature conscience creator that loves to recycle, shop local farmer’s markets and explore. I have two yellow labs that steal my scraps and guard the shop from beetles and moths (they’re huge around here). 

I graduated college with a BFA in 3-D design and huge hopes of becoming a welder and creating works of art from cold steel. While in college I did works in cast Iron, cast bronze, found object metal working and other mixed medias. After college and trying to find a job in the recession I kept creating from any material I could get my hands on. I taught myself to sew a few years ago and enjoy creating my own gear and packs for my outdoor adventures. Late 2014 I moved to a cozy cabin in the woods and a shop which allowed me to start creating on a larger scale and have adequate space for it. It’s a humble little shop but it lets me handcraft wooden goods and that makes me happy.